All told, she juiced me for about $200k to take care of her and my ungrateful golden child siblings. It is disgusting when a parent uses and abuses, lies, and takes from their own children. She never once boosted me up. All she ever did was try to wear me down. I can only imagine what I’d be doing today, where I might be had I gotten away sooner. Had my dad (who was just weak and negligent) maybe stepped in and actually did something to protect his children.

I would have rather grown up with parents who paid the bills and had little or nothing to do with me than to have parents who abused and neglected me, who expected me to pay my bills, their bills, my brother’s bills, as well as going above and beyond in every area. I was never allowed to fail or be weak or not come through. Never. I was never allowed to complain or have feelings or opinions of my own. And when I did meet a tough goal my mother set, she’d just make the next hurdle that much higher; extraordinarily difficult and expensive.

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