“Back in the day” when my mother worked for the school system where we grew up (noting, while we were extremely poor) they did provide her with excellent medical coverage. My brother had a complication that required a couple of major surgeries — like crack him open from stem to stern kind of surgery. He required a stay in the hospital for at least a week and later required home health nurses to check in on him for about a month.

The final bill, [excuse me, correction] the one and only bill we received that my mother had to pay to the hospital was $75.00. Yeah, you read that right, not $75,000 not $7,500, $75. dollars and zero cents. I later had a less major surgery that was outpatient and she had to pay the same.

Man, I miss those days when insurance actually covered stuff.

Flash forward to today and the coverage just isn’t as great as it was.

While I have a great job with good benefits, I had necessary surgery a few years ago. What blew me away was that while my insurance did cover the lion's share of the cost, I was stuck getting nickeled and dimed to death with several separate little bills: lab costs, the anesthesiologist + the cost of his assistant, etc. ALL IN NETWORK to the tune of $2k by the end of it. I was frustrated because all of this had been performed in the hospital — outpatient — and thankfully there were no complications or overnight stays. Why then, if it was all in the SAME facility am I paying three different departments their due?

I read something not long ago that stated 70% of people in the US are one medical emergency or major life change (needing to do a costly repair their home or car for example) away from being in financial ruin, as most live from paycheck to paycheck and have very little savings.

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Technophobe Who Codes | UX Generalist | Freelance Writer | Egalitarian-Feminist | True-Crime/Forensics Enthusiast

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