Calm down a little? Um, sure. Because that really curbs the harassment.

Respectfully (because I would never want to be unfriendly about someone's mother) anger is a valid emotion.

Being told to change your tone or to bottle up your anger or personality isn't healthy. Women are allowed to be angry when they are yelled at or harassed or grabbed.

It triggers something unpleasant inside of us BECAUSE it is unpleasant, wrong, and uninvited.

We are always the ones with the onus on our shoulders to - be nice (no matter what), be polite (no matter what), to suck it up and take it (no matter what). To "calm down" when we speak out about something we don't like.

We're not obligated to chit chat or entertain someone else when we're just walking down the street minding our own business. We're not bodies to be objectified and grabbed when we dare to venture out of our homes. We have an equal right to be left alone. And when we are angry, it is valid.

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