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  • Ryan Porter

    Ryan Porter

    4x Top Writer | Author of Part Time Newsletter | I write about freelancing and work-life balance | Get the Effortless Blogger Blueprint at parttime.substack.com

  • Courtney Kirschbaum

    Courtney Kirschbaum

    Helping mid-career professionals attract better opportunities and enjoy a more time, freedom, options and health || Visit CourtneyKirschbaum.com to see how.

  • Remington Write

    Remington Write

    Writing because I can’t not write. Remington.Write@gmail.com https://linktr.ee/RemingtonWrite

  • Christine Vallaure

    Christine Vallaure

    UX/UI Designer with a passion for code. Founder of www.moonlearning.io, an online learning platform. Sign up for the free newsletter!

  • Oladipo Yuusuf Oyelola

    Oladipo Yuusuf Oyelola

    UX Writer • I make digital products intuitive and conversational with words.

  • Michal Malewicz

    Michal Malewicz

    ⬜️ YouTube: https://youtube.com//MalewiczHype 🟥 We build the future at www.hype4.com

  • Rachel Bridgers

    Rachel Bridgers

    Opinionated Millenial taking about writing, women’s issues, and money. Top writer in Feminism and Social Media. https://linktr.ee/rachelbridgers

  • Adrian Ye

    Adrian Ye

    For a tool to be accessible, it must account for diverse audiences. I have the unique perspective needed for innovative solutions. I am open to work!

  • Alexander Skogberg

    Alexander Skogberg

    UX Designer at @inUse_swe experienced in design systems, accessibility, usability testing, and frontend development. Die-Don’t post here on Medium any longer.

  • Krisztina Szerovay

    Krisztina Szerovay

    💻UX Designer 👩‍🏫Mentor 📝Founder of the UX Knowledge Base Sketch — https://uxknowledgebase.com ✏️️Sketching for UX Designers — https://sketchingforux.com

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