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Food lobbysts champion regularly to have a lot of the information, at least on the ingredients panel portion, obfuscated to benefit them. At one point, they wanted to be able to lump any of the random sugar terms into a generalized term that would have made it even harder to discern. What about people who mindfully have to watch out for sugar? I mean, Christ.

I think it is criminal what some manufactures are allowed to do to mislead the public. I shouldn't have to research this much in order to stay safe. And yet TJ's, for example, can get away with selling say a Stevia sweetener packet and brand it Stevia all over the box. I should be able to trust the box, right? No. When you read the fine print, the first ingredient is maltodextrin (a common filler), not stevia. Maltodextrin, unlike Stevia, will increase your GI response 3x as much as plain jane sugar. So what is the point of buying this already expensive sweetener substitute we're getting because we want to manage our sugar better with a substandard product that is worse than regular sugar?!

Rant over. Back to the article.

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