“Good for you (random co-worker guy)….”

A few years ago, I decided to go all out on a pixie. I had never had hair that short before in my life and was gonna go for it. After a couple of attempts to urge my stylist to just “cut it off already,” she caved and I didn’t regret it. I loved my long bangs, short back pixie. Hated the amount of styling and effort it required. Bedhead, of Ace Ventura proportions, was something I struggled with regularly. But I liked it. My significant other, not so much. And while I like being attractive to my partner, it is my hair. A pixie was something I wanted to try. After a couple of years, I finally gave up only because I could never seem to get the cut consistent. One stylist decided to shorten my bangs for some stupid reason and I resembled Elvis for a while. The goal was to keep the back short and the front long. So disappointed in stylists who don’t listen; they just do their own thing. Also, the glaring “pink tax”-like issues. Women pay way way more for a haircut than a man does. Even when the cut is similar to theirs. Nothing against any stylist. I just don’t think it’s fair to pay 2 or 3x as much every 4–6 weeks to keep my pixie sharp while the guy next to me pays less for the same upkeep.

Anyway, I let it grow out. It took forever. While my partner likes my long locks, I remind him regularly I will likely cut it off again one day. And I didn’t care what other people thought of it at the time.

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