Great, thorough piece. Thank you for sharing your experience.

I've been doing many of the things you noted here. I was not diagnosed with anything. I simply found myself the heaviest I'd been at the beginning of 2020 and, compounded with the stress of CV, decided I needed to make a change. Physically, I felt sluggish, frumpy, my sleep was abysmal, etc.

Akin to your story, I made Keto-friendly swaps to things like cauliflower rice/pizza crust, and shirataki noodles as "healthier" vehicles for regular rice, pasta, bread. I stopped eating regular bread and things like Triscuits because they make me feel awful (bloated). We also stopped imbibing any sort of alcohol. We were starting to have a glass or two of wine with dinner more often once CV hit and realized it was not a healthy way to cope with the stress. Instead of things like crackers or chips, I eat Whisps (low carb, no sugar, cheese crisps). I chart my macros and have found what works for me, and have been doing 16-18 hour fasts most days (as a means to reset my liver). I'm not entirely low carb or high fat or high protein, but moderate across the board, and being watchful for added sugar or sugar substitutes with a negative impact on GI and liver.

What I don't eat, I supplement, and I've taken up circuit training + weights a few days a week; something I can easily do at home in a small space. I try to think of the workouts as stress management with the added bonus of toning up and losing weight, instead of making the mistake of thinking of exercise as just a weight-loss tool. You know, because what motivation would I have once I hit some arbitrary number on the scale?

Still, I shed ~30lbs since starting my lifestyle change. I have not had any blood or hormone panels done, but I imagine they would reflect positive progress as I feel amazing in comparison.

I've tried to get my husband on board with the same, but he refuses to. He will get into a healthier groove and then something will come up and derail his progress. Which does happens to all of us. I'm sure if/when he gets some news from the doctor, it will motivate him to change.

But he has seen my progress and certainly likes the results. I'm trimmer, my sleep is better, and I have way more energy.

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Technophobe Who Codes | UX Generalist | Freelance Writer | Egalitarian-Feminist | True-Crime/Forensics Enthusiast

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