How are you (a woman in general) a bitch for wanting to be left alone? And, what, he thinks if he bitch-shames you, you’ll suddenly change your mind and let him chat you up and grope you?

We don’t call men who want to be left alone a**holes or jerks …Women (in general) are often pestered or approached whenever we are out in public; resting bitch face or not.

I’m introverted and like being left the hell alone, but sometimes I have to go out and grocery shop or put gas in my care. Pardon me for venturing out into the world, but sometimes I have to. And I don’t like it when men, say, approach me when I’m pumping my gas. Really? I’m a captive audience so you decide NOW is a good time to strike up a conversation and, while drunk, invade my personal space? Yup. Had it happen. Kept telling a much much older man I was not interested — polite but a firm no — and to please back away from my personal space while I pumped my gas. He was up against my car, close enough to me I could smell the booze. I considered hosing him with a little gas in order to make my point, but it was close to $4 a gallon at the time, and we know how guys react when you stand up for yourself and aggress in any justifiable way. I would have put myself in more danger.

Even though it was obvious I was in no way interested and wanted to be left alone, he refused to back away. Why? Why, if a woman says no thank you would you keep pressing and invade her space? Like I’m suddenly going to change my mind. It wasn’t until I threatened to call the cops and gave the clerk inside wild eyes suggesting I was being bothered that the drunk older guy backed away — indignant of course.

Written by

Technophobe Who Codes | UX Generalist | Freelance Writer | Egalitarian-Feminist | True-Crime/Forensics Enthusiast

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