I agree. I think homemaking is just as important to the health of a household as the primary “breadwinner.” The homemaker is the one running the household errands, making sure bills are paid, repairs are scheduled, kids are run to school/appointments, the laundry & dishes are clean, the fridge is stocked, meals are prepared, helps with homework, tends to the sickly, etc… all to free up the breadwinner to do what they need to do — focus on work. Instead, being a homemaker is frowned upon and not seen as a rewarding or demanding task.

The stats that really hurt are the ones where both women & men work the same number of hours and yet when they get home more often women are the ones tending to the household, kids, meals, etc.. while the guy flops down to decompress from the day and doesn’t engage in everyday household chores because “that’s woman’s work.” Um, she just spent all day at work too. And it’s not her fault she’s making ~$.70 of every dollar you earn for what might be the same job. You made those kids too and contributed to the household mess of clothes and dishes, so get off your butt and help.

I could rant on for days about this. I just hate the feeling that woman — even in 2017, in the US — are still treated as the lesser sex even though there are more working head of households who are women than men, more women have college degrees than men….but because we are the one hindered socially and professionally by having children we’re somehow seen as incapable of doing the same job for the same pay. No one ever asks a dad if his children are going to be a hindrance at his day to day job.

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Technophobe Who Codes | UX Generalist | Freelance Writer | Egalitarian-Feminist | True-Crime/Forensics Enthusiast

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