I am one of those people. I grew up in abject poverty and no one helped me. And I too was gaslit into believing college was the path OUT of poverty. Instead, I ended up in debt with two STEMS degrees in biotechnology which haven’t earned me a dime more. I kept the same car I paid for for 12+ years, didn’t travel, cut where I could, worked two jobs, and overpaid on my loans to pay them down faster. Now I owe less than $2k with maybe $20 in interest a month. They’ll be paid off this year. I busted my ass to pay them off. So I’m a hint sore about others getting a pass when I sure as hell didn’t. I had to take out loans to go. I didn’t have a mommy and daddy to help me with anything. But I also know how hard it was to pay it down. It prevented me from getting to have more financial freedom for years.

And I agree, for some, college is a con job. We’ve been misled to think it would get us into a better job. The costs of going to college has increased exponentially. And people are misled away from blue collar vocational training for the “college” experience. No 18 year old should be put into that level of debt for something that isn’t going to give them a return on their investment.

Ultimately, I took on the debt. I sucked up my mistake and paid. But I still want better for others.

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