I endured something similar in a mission to get a washing machine repaired. Long story short, they d*cked us around the first time the seal on the door needed to be replaced. Took them a month for a $7 part. The second time this happened, less than a year later, when the near-new seal ruptured, I called out the same 3rd party repair service a major appliance retailer used (*be mindful of this when paying for warranties the retailer will often foist this service out on someone unattached to their business). I tried to circumvent possible delays by telling them the part number we needed in hopes they'd order it first then come out and replace it. Nope, their b*llsh*t policy was to send someone out - hopefully in a month or two to assess the problem - then they'd order the part, which would take another month to come in. What the hell was I supposed to do in the meantime (for the next 1-3 months with my laundry)?! Over a part that should have lasted longer than it had?!

I lost it. I tore them a new a**, reported them to the BBB, and contacted the major retailer and complained to them about their scam-job 3rd party warranty repair provider, using terms like, "they represent you when they fail to meet the needs of paying customers." And threatened to detail their business relationship in my BBB complaint.

I was given a special code and told to go to the nearest location to pick out whatever washer I wanted. When I got there, they had to call it in because no one working there had known of anyone coming in with a code before. Shortly after the head manager got off the phone, I was politely escorted to an isle of washing machines and told to get whatever I wanted. They would deliver it the same day, with apologies.

So it does pay to follow up when you feel you have been appropriately wronged. Most companies are happy to screw you out of whatever they can get from you, and assume you'll just suck it up. I like this (new) hobby too. Other than it can cost you hours of your life trying to get what you are due.

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