I felt the same way when buying my first car. I was disrespected and condescended to, simply for being a woman. I took my then-boyfriend, who was unemployed, with me. Mistake. Each and every place we went, every salesman spoke with him and him only. He wasn’t the one buying the car or paying for the car, the insurance. I didn’t have the d*-mic, so the salesmen were unable to hear me apparently. Pity for them. I had good money to spend and I didn’t appreciate being treated like less than a person just because I was a woman (who dared to shop for a vehicle). You want a lesson in sexism, be a woman, and go solo to buy a car (I was spoken horribly to whether I went myself or with someone).

But I understand what you mean about being dismissed too. A few years ago, I was at my heaviest. I knew I was and was making efforts to lose the extra stress weight I had gained. I’d finally make a break from 20+ years of domestic violence at the hands of relatives and was on the mend. The doctor didn’t care about my stress or insomnia, or my emotional well-being though. He just suggested I lose weight. THAT was his big solution to all of my problems.

I’ve never been a fan of (most) doctors. I’ve had more than my share arrogantly talk down to me for my lifestyle (I, an unmarried woman who is child-free by choice). Apparently, there is something wrong with a woman who doesn’t want to get married and have kids. I had my reasons, of course. But having endured abuse for decades didn’t seem like a valid excuse to old white guys in lab coats. I was supposed to suck it up and adhere to the social programming of being an obedient, skinny wife and mother.

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