I had an ex who was selfish when it came to money. He would only work to pay down his bills, his cards, his expensive purchases, and then quit. I was, for whatever reason, expected to make up the slack whenever he decided to quit perfectly good jobs. It started out small at first. Then, over time, it got worse. He knew I wouldn’t do something so stupid or irresponsible as to quit a perfectly good job. And his argument was that he had paid his bills. I finally left him when he told me, yet again, he would be quitting another job after he had paid off his credit cards but just couldn’t handle covering his share of a cellphone bill. I was disgusted because he was more than happy to take money from his elderly parents and take advantage of me, but too lazy to get off his ass and keep a job. Many years have passed, and to this day he still won’t keep a job. He lives with his parents and they pay his bills. They are in their late 70s. How pathetic is that?

Written by

Technophobe Who Codes | UX Generalist | Freelance Writer | Egalitarian-Feminist | True-Crime/Forensics Enthusiast

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