I tried keto for a while. Not knocking it, but some diets are just not sustainable or suitable for some. For me, I had a hard time wrapping my head around eliminating most high in carb count fruits from my diet. I guess I’m old school in assuming I should eat plants in lieu of supplementing them with questionable vitamines. You know? On stricter keto, you often ingest 20 net carbs or less per day; others vary and say 50 or less. While I was able to lose and keep off 10lbs, I felt unsatisfied and, at times, fuzzy around the edges. Even with supplementing, I never felt great or slept worth a darn. And yes, I drank plenty of water, supplemented my essentials. Keto, by itself, just didn’t make me feel tip-top.

A couple of years ago, I had tried IF. This was after reading Presto by Penn Jillette. No, I’m not taking diet advice from a Las Vegas magician. He even cautions readers from that very thing in his book. But, his story of how he did a reset and ate mindfully got me thinking. So, I tried IF and worked out several times a week. I immediately lost weight and felt pretty good. But as life does, it got in the way. I endured an especially stressful time, for about 6 months and went back to my old ways.

Following my recent keto experience, I decided to go back to IF. I do limit certain foods in my overall diet, but I don’t outright eliminate them. I still prefer shirataki noodles over traditional pasta and riced cauliflower over standard rice. I don’t bother with breakfast. I’m not hungry the first couple of hours I’m awake. The idea of eating then makes my stomach spin. I just have fast approved coffee or tea. Then I will eat from lunch on until my feasting window ends. Most days, I’ll eat whatever I want (which is still mindful to healthy fats, reasonable portions, and limiting sugar, etc.) over a 4–8-hour window. I average a 6-hour window. In terms of sweets and cheats, I indulge when it is rare and appropriate. Like for Valentine’s Day, we went out for a tasting at a local cider house with catered food and the meal ran over until 9. The next day, I prolonged my morning fast to compensate and had a shorter feasting period that day.

I don’t feel heavy, bloated, or weighed down by my meal. I make sure I eat until I’m full, only eat during my feasting period. I don’t count carbs or calories. I just eat mindfully. And I don’t feel deprived.

Great article. Thanks for the share.

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