I used to keep a digital journal — a place where I could vent my frustrations and air out some of my problems. It was only meant for me and was rather cathartic because once I was able to purge it onto “paper” or onto a screen, I was able to kind of work through the issue and ultimately I felt better…..

That was until my now ex-husband stumbled upon one of my entries one day. It was something I had written 6 months beforehand; something trivial, but it had annoyed me enough at the time to write about it. Of course, the a**hole waited until I am minutes from heading to work to drop this emotional bombshell, demanding that I basically explain myself. Couldn’t wait until another time when it was convenient for me and put me in a spot where either I left and we stew about it all day or we hash it out right then and there. This is a huge red flag, looking back. I should have broken things off right then and there. So, because of his diva attitude, I’m now late for work over something that is 6 months old and I’m arguing my point of these are my thoughts and feelings and he shouldn’t have read them and reacted this way because …they are 6 friggin’ months old and whatever it was about at that time had been resolved then. But his precious nose was out of joint. I didn’t feel I should have had to apologize or explain myself if those were my personal feelings at the time and HE violated my space reading them and then insisting I explain myself like I’m a child. Nope. His ego was ridiculously fragile. I was two hours late because of that jerk. There were a few other occasions where he violated my personal writings or files, looking for what I have no idea. I stopped keeping a venting journal, though looking back I should have just left him sooner for this and countless other insecure behaviors.

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Technophobe Who Codes | UX Generalist | Freelance Writer | Egalitarian-Feminist | True-Crime/Forensics Enthusiast

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