I’m curious why we don’t see more articles about why men don’t want to have kids. Oh, right, because it’s not terribly newsworthy when a guy decides to be a bachelor who is more focused on his career than having a spouse and kids.

It is as though it’s a biological imperative that we [women] must have an implacable urge to gestate and birth offspring. Otherwise, there must me something wrong with our wiring; forbid we have some bodily-autonomy and want to fulfill ourselves with careers and education (like the men-folk do).

I’ve fought this all my life. Whenever I would utter, “I’m not interested in having kids….” My present company would look at me as to assess if I was broken or something.

This statement would be followed up with the ultimate dismissive brush off of, “Oh you’ll change your mind.”

I would give my reasons, but honestly, it’s not any one else’s darn business why — whether it’s a financial, physical, emotional, other reason. But I know MY reasons are valid that just because I have a uterus doesn’t mean I HAVE to rent out the space. My not wanting to birth children isn’t because I’m a heartless selfish monster who hates kids.

And you don’t hear me telling women/men NOT to have kids, so why do those of us who elect to be childless get such a nasty backlash?

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