It is always the people who are underachieving who wanna put down the people who are [achieving].

True narcs are the worst. Both my mother and my ex-husband suffer from some degree of NPD. She is way more clinical level than he. Still, both would constantly use me for money and put me down even though BOTH didn't work a steady job and BOTH would stay home all day loafing on their respective asses gaming or watching television. Whereas I was busting my ass at work (sometimes 2 jobs) and finishing up school. And, of course, anytime I had good news or a financial windfall, they found ways to ruin it and tried to find ways to take my $. These days mommy dearest is stuck living with her golden child son because she's too broke to live on her own. She faked an illness for years to con people out of $. I didn't question it for a long time, because no one wants to think their own mother is a user and a liar. Well, one day I started asking too many logical questions and she lost it, puling her usual gaslighting and smear campaign games. As for my jerk brother, he is an abusive troll (like he physically and verbally threatens innocent people, no questions asked, when she orders him to). He is the only one who still believes in her so devoutly and eagerly puts up with her bullshit. Obviously, they have a very unhealthy relationship, but he refuses to see the light or accept help seeing past her wholesome facade. He has chosen to blatantly ignore her abuse on others and instead takes an active role in it, so I have nothing to do with him either. My ex lives with his parents who are both well into their 70's and retired. As lovely as they are, they've enabled him his whole life and have always given him money. Not sure what he'll do when they pass on. His siblings want nothing to do with him given his greedy, entitled behavior over the years.

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Technophobe Who Codes | UX Generalist | Freelance Writer | Egalitarian-Feminist | True-Crime/Forensics Enthusiast

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