I’ve known guys who only work when they absolutely had to. These same guys would then financially sponge off everyone around them while heralding how awesome they were.

“Dude. You refuse to keep a job, any job. You are 30something and take money from your retired parents and your girlfriend (who is going to leave you for lacking any ambition and being irresponsible). That isn’t awesome.”

I’m coming from a place where I grew up in abject poverty and neglect and have worked since I was a teenager. I understand what it is like to be poor, and hungry, and go without basic needs. There is an urgent need to work and provide in my case. So I don’t understand people who just “don’t want to work” when they cite they think they are above it. Obviously, there are people who suffer from illness, depression, or legit lose a job that I’m not targeting here. I’m speaking solely to those guys who wanna sponge off a hardworking woman while handing her “empty promises” or “oops, forgetting his wallet” on purpose.

Not sure what misfire they have going on (in my case, these men who are educated and completely physically able to work), but everyone has to work for “the man” unless they are independently wealthy. But these sorts of guys think they are above an honest day’s work to earn a dollar. Instead, they hustle or sponge and feel entitled to something more or better without putting in the work. I’ve often heard them say things like, “If I can’t be in charge (be the boss), I don’t wanna work there.” Or, “You are a sucker working for the man [the establishment, working period].”

I say this as someone who has dated a couple of guys who did this — who worked, then one day quit their jobs to stay home for months and game, expecting everyone around them to pick up the slack. They also weren’t terribly prone to cooking, cleaning, or any sort of housework. They just wanted to create a permanent mold of their a**cheeks on the sofa/chair and game all hours.

Um, wait? You didn’t lose your job. You quit. Without looking for something else before you did. You quit so YOU can stay home and sponge off your elderly parents and me and make no effort to find another job cause you either “don’t want to work for the man” or you “wanna be the boss”?

Wow. *me — gone.

It is one thing to legit lose a job and need support. Or be looking for a new job because you hate your current one. It is another to outright quit and foist your daily bills and needs onto others without any consideration to them. As someone who craves safety and responsibility, I can’t personally stay with someone like that. What if you married and had kids with a guy like that? He would still feel entitled to quit his job, loaf about, and expect you to do it all instead. No thank you.

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Technophobe Who Codes | UX Generalist | Freelance Writer | Egalitarian-Feminist | True-Crime/Forensics Enthusiast

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