Just in response to the title of this section. Oh, wow, not true. I’ve been in this sort of situation enough times to know.

While I am sure the author of this piece is being honest that he doesn’t care, a LOT of men care when their spouse/gf makes more than they do. Statistically, marriages, where a woman earns more than her husband are ‘less happy’ — one because generally, the husband has a fragile ego about this disparity and, two, the wife’s impulse is then to compensate and differ to her husband’s feelings (to make HIM feel better, even though there is nothing wrong with one partner outearning another). She’ll even go as far as to go overboard with taking on even more of the housework and childcare. Which, per the stats, she is already doing more of. The couple will also play up the husband’s overall importance while downplaying the wife’s. All because he can’t handle his partner earning more OR he has no interest in making an effort to earn more — just wants to piss and moan and make her feel bad to make himself feel better about the financial disparity.

I’ve been in relationships where I earned more and I was punished for it. I was often belittled and made to feel poorly about my accomplishments. In some of these situations, the boyfriend would quit paying for anything or working, acting as though I was going to start footing the bill. No constructive discussion beforehand, just up and quit working or refuse to pay for bills they generated or things they wanted to buy, arguing I should pay (for whatever they wanted) because I earned more. It is one thing to have a partnership and have sensible agreements over finances. It is another to hold your partner emotionally hostage, make spoiled demands, and treat her like shit simply because she works hard and pays her bills. Such an ugly double-standard.

Read: All The Rage. The book highlights the aforementioned points I mentioned, alongside other ridiculously unfair relationship issues. Basically, us ladies are damned if we do, damned if we don’t.

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