“Like I’m not [really tired after work too, because I too work a full-time job JUST like you.]”

There is more than one person in this household wearing clothes, dirtying dishes, and filling up the trash. I hate it when people foisted the household stuff onto one person and act like it isn’t a big deal. Or they act like d*cks when they get called out on their mess and treat their girlfriend or wife like crap for daring to ask that he tidy up sometimes. Dude — you are not a teenager living at home with mommy. She shouldn’t have to tell you what chores to do. You are supposed to be a grown ass man (in this example), so be a grown ass man, man up, and take some initiative to tidy up after yourself instead of waiting for someone to tell you to.

I’m speaking from past experience and I’d had so many girlfriends who have suffered from having a lazy, inattentive man-child who makes a mess of their home, and yet calls her a nag whenever she has asked him repeatedly (both nicely and angry) to please clean up after himself.

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