More and more I see this kind of advice. Back in the day you'd just hear someone say "workout" - meaning, even if you hated something, you need to suck it up and gruel through it. Nope. For example, I hate to run. H-a-t-e it. I've tried it multiple times. Long story short, if you see me running, haul ass because some apex predator is not far behind. I'm a fighter (mostly), not a runner. But even I know when to flee. Still, I hate running. It isn't enjoyable.

Instead, I have found a circuit training workout (a group I like who promotes the message "progress, not perfection") and liked their free content so much, I bought an annual digital membership. Cheaper than a gym membership for sure (less than $100 a year), and I use it 4-5 days a week in the tiny corner of my bedroom. The workouts are more for stress management and to help me sleep better (after working the stress out of my body) but the bonus side-effect is I've toned up considerably and how I am strong enough to do more intense training than before. I've also lost over 30lbs this year. But that has more to do with what and how much I eat + IF.

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