Not in my case, obviously. Some of us hang onto the poundage no matter what. Then one day, for those lucky few, is sheds off like a winter coat. But I've always been like this. You could cuff me to a pipe in a basement and not feed me for a month, and I'd come out heavier. Sometimes, it is really discouraging to work so hard and the actual pounds stay put. I just wanted to see a little change, to watch the scale go down a couple of pounds. I don't think after all of this work, it was a lot to ask. THIS is why people get discouraged and stop doing all of the "right" things for their health. Either way, I have to keep working out more for stress management than anything. F* the scale. It an stay in the corner and think about what it did wrong.

I'm glad your journey has been more successful. I wish you the best of luck continuing.

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