Not to diminish your personal clothing struggle, but no. I do not have an endless array of gorgeous, well-fitting clothing available to me either. I'm a size 12 and I have an extremely difficult time finding clothing. I've gotten nasty side eye from the divas working at Victoria Secret for goodness sake. I've walked into a store and had the sales people yell, "We don't have your size lady!" And, per the stats, I'm the 'average size' for a US woman. But I guess we all have our own personal struggles with clothing at any size.

I hate to shop for clothing anywhere. Jeans are too big in the front, not enough room in the back; the inseam is too long or too short; tops are shapeless and drab or have hideous patterns; nothing classic or tasteful. Can't wear anything with buttons because I have boobs, so the buttons always gap. Sleeves are always too short by an inch or two. I used to like Eddie Bauer clothing. But their product has since gone to crap. They've cut a few quality corners in recent years. Also, they don't carry my size in store. I had an associate tell me EB Corporate wanted to use the in store shelf real-estate for smaller sizes (those 0-8). I have to order online and hope the jeans fit. Most of the time, they don't because everyone who sells clothing has grossly inconsistent sizes. I've donned anything tagged with a 10 to a 16 and they all be the same fit. So shopping online is a pain in the ass too because the sizing is all over the place.

It would be awesome IF clothing makers actually tried to corner the market on making attractive, well-made quality clothing for people of ALL sizes.

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Technophobe Who Codes | UX Generalist | Freelance Writer | Egalitarian-Feminist | True-Crime/Forensics Enthusiast

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