One thing I have noted since ageing into my 40s is I am literally invisible to anything male who is younger than me. If anything, they talk to me like I'm their mom, which is just fine with me. I love not being aggressed on with cat-calls and other micro-aggressive, sexist bs. I can now take a walk, and short of panhandlers, no one bothers me. It is nice to be left alone so I can listen to my headphones in peace and go about my workout without someone hitting me up for my phone number or other personal information. Or acting up and launching into threats when I dare exercise my right to say No Thanks.

Alas, I still hear about how my 18-year-old is forced to tolerate men, many of whom are too old to have any business hitting on someone young enough to be their daughter or granddaughter, on a daily basis. It never ends. It simply just jumps to the next generation of young women.

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