People don’t account for somatotypes either. My SO’s daughter is a very tall, modelesque, lythe body-type. Very little fat, very little muscle. Genetically, she is built like an ectomorph. Long limbs, bony. Notably, she is very active. But when she’s not, she still doesn’t gain much weight and is still able to eat a high number of carbs and calories. Regardless, she struggles to gain any real muscle and she has to eat often, else she feels weak and tired. Often she is faced with assumptions from people she doesn’t eat. They think she’s afflicted with an eating disorder in order to stay so rail skinny, but it is simply her genetics.

Then you have mesomorphs and endomorphs. Mesos are those athletic-looking body types. Genetically, they are ‘blessed’ with the benefit of a fat-muscle balance, the ease of shedding fat and quickly gaining muscle in all the right places with less effort necessary to look that way. My ex-husband was like this. No matter what, he always had a washboard stomach and tight arms. He ate pizza and cake regularly (almost daily), copious amounts of sugar. Gave up running and lifting for 6 months, and STILL looked like a God. Problem was, all that crap he ate was destroying his insides. His teeth looked great, but he struggled constantly with cavities and root infections (related to his eating habits). He was not healthy. He just looked it.

And while some people can straddle the line between somatotypes, I fall into the same category as a lot of people, endomorphs. Shapely and soft; can gain muscle and fat, but there is more of a struggle to lose the fat. I can be fit, but never skinny enough to be considered slender or lythe. I’m an hourglass. No matter what, I’ll never weigh less than a certain number and never be below a certain pant size unless I have my hip bones removed. If I weighed what my SO’s daughter did, with her body type, I’d be sick. Well, I was back in high school. And it was because I had been sick and needed surgery to correct the issue. I regained my appetite and gained back some of the weight I’d lost. I was not physiologically build to be that skinny. And when I was, I was miserable and sickly, anemic. I was disappointed because I was getting so many compliments about how good I looked but knowing how sick I was, it was a misleading facade. People can be all shapes and sizes and be healthy or not.

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Technophobe Who Codes | UX Generalist | Freelance Writer | Egalitarian-Feminist | True-Crime/Forensics Enthusiast

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