Sadly, women are socially conditioned or programmed to be apologetic. I’ve had friends say sorry for the most ridiculous things to which I respond with, “Why are you apologizing for needing to stop by the bathroom before we go into the movie?” Yeah. But I too have been in a toxic friendship/relationship or two so I get what you mean. You end up feeling encumbered with this responsibility of making sure someone else’s fragile irrational instability is coddled. It is exhausting and impossible. I dated one guy who would literally go off and bout when he didn’t get his way. I mean, really? Somehow, some way I was always the bad guy. It was tiring and didn’t last long.

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Technophobe Who Codes | UX Generalist | Freelance Writer | Egalitarian-Feminist | True-Crime/Forensics Enthusiast

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