The fact that you said a small loan of less than a million suggests to me you are privileged. Own it. A small loan to the rest of us is $50 or $200 or maybe enough to put a down payment on a car, not something shy of a million.

Update — I’m gonna keep my original faux pas (comment above) here since everyone has been so kind to alert me to how ‘out of the loop I was.’ I initially failed to realize it was intended to be satire. When I made the comment, I did so while reading the article, not after. It wasn’t until I moved along to the next paragraph that I realized what the author was doing here. I didn’t see the point in deleting my comment. Everyone makes naive mistakes, even online.

And when I say small loans, I mean the ones a family member or friend might lend out. Not necessarily a bank.

I applauded the author, Christine Stevens, for her excellent and funny writing.

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