Trying To Stay Sexy & Not Get Murdered

From A Non-Murderino

Megan Charles
6 min readJun 25, 2019


Cover-art for Stay Sexy & Don’t Get Murdered from publisher Forge Books

I recently finished reading, err listening (Audible), to “Stay Sexy and Don’t Get Murdered.”

While I am a Gen X’er with a black-belt in Dr. Michael Baden’s Autopsy, have childhood memories of watching countless episodes of Unsolved Mysteries, and have a penchant for anything on the Investigation Discovery (ID) and A&E channels, I am not a devout follower of the co-authors’, Georgia Hardstark and Karen Kilgariff, “My Favorite Murder” podcast.

I know, right? What is wrong with me? I tried to listen to MFM a few times but found they deviate from the true-crime topic far too often for my liking to discuss the day-to-day filler of their lives. To be fair, this was my assessment after listening to only a few early episodes.

I am fascinated with forensics and am a true crime enthusiast. Until recently, I would go to bed, easing myself into dreamland while listening to things indicative to City Confidential’s “It was a lovely day in May when they found Steve’s body along the river’s edge.”

Karítas Gunnarsdóttir (Karitasart Instagram)

But I had to limit my true-crime listening to daytime hours after my significant other complained he was too horrified to fall asleep most nights — laying there, wide awake at 3 am as I dozed, listening to the grisly details of a murder unfold and how they went about solving it. This was after 20 straight nights of listening to, Gregg Olsen’s Dangerous Dozen, a 20+ hour true crime anthology detailing some of the most gruesome true crimes ever investigated. Now we just fall asleep to “fake” horror (No Sleep Podcast or fictional mystery audiobooks).

Technically I am a Murderino, in the sense that I am right there in MFM’s key demographic of listeners/readers and share many of the same macabre interests. Sometimes I joke, implying with my 30+ years of true crime knowledge and my degree in biotechnology, “I could make the Easter Bunny look like he did it.” That, and I’m the inappropriate weirdo who talks about this stuff (crime-solving and odd medical or forensic factoids about human remains) at dinner parties, putting people off their meal. Hey, this is…



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