Very valid points.

At one point, following an already lengthy period of working from home during CV, my partner and I realized we needed to start making healthier choices in terms of stress management. Eating to excess, having wine with dinner far too often, and struggling to get any kind of quality sleep while spending most of our days shut up indoors was all taking a toll. We both went back to paying attention to what we were eating, we stopped buying wine, found projects to get into (to both enrich us and keep us distracted), and we both started working out again for stress management.

Now, yes, from June to October I did lose ~20lbs but I was more thrilled about the gained muscle and improved cardio. I am thankful to have much of the stress induced aches in my body gone. I feel great most days and sleep better than I have in years. Last night, I was running high on endorphins for an hour. It is rare, but when it happens, it feels amazing. And, on the weekends, when we can sleep in, we do. There is nothing weak about having a couple of lazy mornings to recover from the week.

At first, I too was more obsessed with dropping weight. Even though I was supposed to be focused on working out to help aid in shedding stress from my body. The weight was coming off very slow at first and I would get so frustrated and nearly gave up. I had to adjust my thinking.

Socially, we've been so pervasively programmed to focus on the superficial outer issue of getting "healthy," to "look better and get thinner." Once I stopped focusing on how I looked and paid more attention to how I felt, it made keeping the 'better' habits I'd created easier to stick with.

Well-being needs to be measure, not the scale.

I agree. Branding someone as "fat" anything, in the case of Pitch Perfect, fat Amy didn't sit well with me either.

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Technophobe Who Codes | UX Generalist | Freelance Writer | Egalitarian-Feminist | True-Crime/Forensics Enthusiast

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