We try to go out of our way to be good neighbors. We are quiet. We respect our neighbor’s property. We forwarn them when we see something amiss — like this morning. I scanned the footage from the night before and noticed the neighbor’s porch set had been stolen by someone walking by at 12:40 am. I texted them to let them know what happened. We’ve also witnessed local thugs tossing unlocked cars and reported it to both the victims and the police.

But every so often, I have to wonder about some of the people living nearby, and their complete lack of situational awareness. I know they think I’m a picky b*tch when I complain about the parking situation. We live downtown on a street with limited parking options.

There are a couple of houses, mostly crammed with college-age kids, and none of them understand how to street park or use the private lot in the back. When I say they don’t know how to use it, it is because they park without any regard for anyone else. On the street, they middle themselves out between two cars in such a way where no one else can park there, even though there would have been plenty of space for one more had they pulled further up or back. Nope, they want to be equidistant with huge gaps in front and behind. When one car is already parked, instead of parking directly behind it, they park just far away enough to throw off parking for several other people who live on the street, who will come home from work later. Basically, they take up way more space than they need between the other cars because they can’t seem to get the logic of parking directly behind the car ahead of them. They don’t think of others.

Same with the lot in the back. Each household has a spot. There is just enough for each household to park one of their cars in the back, the rest park on the street. These kids park like they drive luxury cars, as far away from one another as possible. This results in at least 2 cars being forced to park on the street, instead of in the back where they should have a spot. You can tell the adults who park vs the college kids by how far apart the vehicles are from one another. We’ve tried to explain the logic of it, given the limited street and lot parking, but they don’t seem to get it or care. I lean towards oblivious because I’ve watched several of them park, driver’s side door, against the only telephone pole on the entire block, with no other cars on the roadside, and squeeze themselves out of their slightly ajar car door. I’m like, you could have moved up or back 1 foot, and instead opted to park right up alongside the pole and struggled to get out? Really? This happens multiple times, not just once. And every single one who does it has been under 25. No situational awareness at all.

Yeah, I know. I’m nitpicking over nothing, but it is so frustrating to find parking most of the time when we get home from work. Especially when there is more than enough room if everyone worked together.

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Technophobe Who Codes | UX Generalist | Freelance Writer | Egalitarian-Feminist | True-Crime/Forensics Enthusiast

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