Well, that’s because they’ve outlawed even having facilities for abortion services in most states. They’ve made it so operating a clinic is nearly impossible because of the regulatory red tape the system has imposed; having to meet expensive and unnecessary supposed safety measures in order to remain open. Even if you have the means to have one (afford one), you struggle to even find an actual facility still in operation. That alone affects those who are poor or living in rural areas.

So our options are: we’re jailed if we have an abortion or a miscarriage, questionable bleeding (look out ladies with irregular periods — don’t go to the hospital), and in some places, being forced to keep a pregnancy even if it is our dad’s or non-relative rapists’. But the punishments imposed on the men who commit these crimes are nothing; a slap on the wrist in comparison. In fact, he’ll even have visitation rights. Because that won’t be a further emotional burden…

Also, more and more women are encountering doctors who are unwilling to perform longer-term pregnancy prevention, like tubal ligations. We’re put through the paces when seeking sterilization (regardless of whether we have kids), a procedure most insurance companies will pay for. Granted, it is still way more medically invasive and more expensive in comparison to the cost of a vasectomy. On average, a woman has to meet with 5 doctors in order to find one willing to perform a tubal ligation.

That is 5 co-pays. There are a lot of women out there who can barely get preventative care for things like breast or cervical cancer. But if she wants to prevent pregnancy and doesn’t want to be on expensive and, for some dangerous, hormones for three or more decades, she is still challenged due to resources and access.

How many doctors does a man have to go to, on average, to find one willing to provide him with sterilization services? I bet that one doctor also won’t lecture him condescendingly about waiting for just a little longer, questioning the patient’s desire not to have children. Personally, of my male friends who had a vasectomy, none of them got the “wait a little longer” talk. Whereas most of the women I know, at one time or another, have been urged off one type of birth control or another because the doctor thought she’d change her mind about having kids.

Typically, if you call to ask, they won’t tell you over the phone ahead of time they don’t like to perform sterilizations on women in their 20's and 30's, for example. They want the $ and the consult so they can tell you they think you should stay on the pill longer because they think you will change your mind. Not providing a fact-based medical reason not to, but because they want to impose their own lifestyle beliefs onto their patients.

In some states they refuse to burn the tubes, insisting the patient might change her mind. Binding them vs burning them, however, increases the likelihood of failure, resulting in, an unplanned pregnancy — including a higher risk for ectopic pregnancies which can be life-threatening. Now, I’m curious. Because ectopic pregnancies are not viable, will the women (who took preventative measures to NOT get pregnant) still be thrown into jail for a life-threatening, non-viable pregnancy?

How about we start requiring vasectomies as a means of cutting down on unwanted pregnancies or abortions? Insurance covers it (seriously, like ~$250 out-of-pocket vs $2500 for what ladies pay, and they don’t get a lecture about how they’ll change their mind and should wait); it is medically less invasive, and there are no nasty pills or hormones to take.

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Technophobe Who Codes | UX Generalist | Freelance Writer | Egalitarian-Feminist | True-Crime/Forensics Enthusiast

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