What I am disappointed with is the situation with the iPad pros & the who debacle with the pencils. Gen 1 pencil is essentially crap. Sure, it is one of the better stylus’ out there, but they sure did not user test this product. Or if they did, they concerned themselves more with $ signs and performance and less with charging, storage, and battery life. No indicator? So I have to download a widget in order to check the battery life. It never turns off? So whether I’m using it or not the battery will continue to deplete? In order to charge it, I have to use the cheap male to female adapter OR plug the male chip into the iPad, resembling an awkward and potentially dangerous (e.g. easily broken) unicorn horn, in order to charge it. And I had to buy a case that keeps my pencil attached to my iPad so I can keep up with the stupid thing.

Oh, you improved on all of these things with the Logitech education version? Great. Oh, you mean it will only work with one version of the iPad pro I don’t have. Ok? Now you have a new series of iPad pros AND a new #2 pencil. Awesome. Wait, what? This gen 2 pencil can’t retroactively work with my current device that isn’t all that old … So basically, if I want the new, improved pencil or the Logitech one I’d either have to downgrade to a 9.5 pro that is just as old as my current iPad OR shell out another grand for a new iPad pro because the pencils are all proprietary to their respective tablets. That is bullshit. They didn’t consider the user at all. It appears they just rolled these out knowing they’d not be compliant with one another and force users to either put up with an inferior product (the gen 1 pencil) OR upgrade for a small fortune. Apple, in my humble opinion, has deviated from their original product mission. What happened to functional, user-friendly, and something that made sense? Seriously. That 1st gen pencil made absolutely no sense to me. It is a fantastic product to use but to charge and maintain, it sucks.

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