What I don’t understand is if you are so anti-abortion, why fight women on getting their tubes tied? Many clinicians make it so difficult for women to get access to sterilization in the US, even though most insurance covers it.

There are women who either elect to not want to have kids (at all) or women who have had a couple who no longer wish to have more, who will often get the run around when they inquire about tubal ligations or other similar sterilization methods. They are trying to responsibly seek ways to prevent pregnancies. They don’t want to be on the pill (because some of us don’t like taking hormones). Yet most of them will get non-medically related responses and a refusal of service based on idiotic statements like, “You’ll change your mind….” or “What if you get married one day and your new husband wants kids?” Both of these statements are ridiculous. I’ve read this countless times on forums posted by women who struggled for years to finally get doctors to take them seriously and provide them the services they asked for. These physicians impose their (the doctor’s) opinion on the patient, or at times, obfuscated medical information in hopes of misleading patients in an effort to dissuade them from getting sterilized. In one case, a doctor told one woman when she asked they burn her tubes (cauterize), “We aren’t allowed to in this state.” That was a bold lie. But she trusted him. Why? Because he was her doctor. He just didn’t want to burn the patient’s tubes. The failure rate is higher when tubes are tied instead of burned. So, he pretended to be an ally. She got pregnant 2 years later because of his botched technique (bonding them instead of burning) and lies.

There is nothing more infuriating than being treated like a child, and being told (by this person) they know you better than you know yourself. There are women who have to undergo psych-evaluations, in some states, before a doctor will agree to a tubal ligation. Grown women, regardless of background or health, having to sit down and justify their decision with a therapist. Really? But men don’t have to do that.

Depending on your state, even if you get a doctor to agree to it, a woman is required to wait 30 days (making sure you won’t change your mind), have a psych-eval (no joke); and, if you are married, get your husband’s permission in writing. Now, this is typically just for the ladies. Men, when seeking a vasectomy, typically do not have to wait 30 days like women; they don’t have to endure a psych-evaluation, and they don’t need their wife to give them the ok. And I doubt they get some lecture telling them they are too young or insisting they’ll change their mind and regret it. While I’m sure there are some places who might give equal restrictions, the majority lean heavily against women getting any kind of permanent sterilization.

Essentially, the US seems to be doing what it can to strip women of any and all means of reproductive autonomy.

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Technophobe Who Codes | UX Generalist | Freelance Writer | Egalitarian-Feminist | True-Crime/Forensics Enthusiast

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