Wow, I didn’t realize the male gender was more important than the female one…What about the needs of women over hundreds of years? We’re trying to find a balance. It is not a perfect science, but some give and take is necessary. But to say we ruined men by what, holding them accountable to their actions, and trying to course correct poor ones [actions] or inaccurate mindsets, is ridiculous. An example of what should change: for example, only a guy (and I am generalizing here, not all, but a lot) would think it is ok to walk up to a woman as she running or walking for exercise to chat. She’s going about doing her own thing and has the right to go about her day unaccosted/unbothered. However, if she rebuffs or ignores him because she is not obligated to socialize just because she is out in the world, he calls her something horrible and essentially ruins her run. Now multiply that by hundreds. I know women who have encountered some version of that situation hundreds of times in their young lives. Just going about their own business, walking to work on busy streets, and getting yelled at for just being there; a blur or “Hey honey..” “Can I have your number?” Sidling up alongside and following in pace, nearing our personal space. “Smile….smile….smile” … “What’s your name?” But when we ignore, keeping out gaze locked ahead and hoping we’re not about to be mugged or grabbed, then we hear worse and, at times, even fear for our safety — for simply ignoring undesired attention. “What you think you are too good for me?” … “Stupid bitch” … “You’re ugly anyway, whore.” And if you think I’m being extreme, these are actual things that have been yelled at me, for no other reason than I just wanted to be left alone as I walked and ignored the cat-calls. Threatened, just for walking to work and keeping to ourselves. It happens all the time. So, no, I don’t think we’re ruining a generation of men and their “needs” by enlightening them to the struggle women have been facing in hopes of deterring those micro-aggressions or outright assaults from continuing. What about our needs?

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Technophobe Who Codes | UX Generalist | Freelance Writer | Egalitarian-Feminist | True-Crime/Forensics Enthusiast

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