Yeah, I went through an omelet phase for a few days when we were both stuck working from home for 3 months. He never once dared to criticize the meal I labored to make for the both of us. Seeing as it was time out of MY schedule, not his, to prepare it. Plus, doing things like cooking meals is part of my love language. I’m the better cook between the two of us anyway.

And while we worked from home, I certainly picked up more cooking and picking up around the house. But so did my SO. We were there almost all the time, short of going to the store. Laundry, dishes, garbage, etc. piled up faster than usual. We had to figure out the ebb and flow of both of us being home ALL THE TIME. Initially it was tricky, not going to lie. Less alone time to decompress.

(Playfully) I’m guessing your beau is young or hasn’t been chastised over rudely questioning a good deed performed for him — as he did here with “again?” You say thank you and or make something else for yourself.

I kid of course. But wow, if my partner did something like that I would just toss the plate into the trash and leave him to make his own lunch for a while. That’s my fantasy reaction. And the older I get, the more prone to fulfill those fantasy moments I get. I think he senses it’s exactly what I would do, so he just politely thanks me for the effort and we move along with our lives.

I get what you mean though about the whole adjusting to the partner’s needs subconsciously. When he would take meetings, I would immediately make adjustments to suit his needs without needing to be asked. However, I had to tell him a few time to quiet down and not try to engage in conversation during key points in my day when I worked on projects. If my headphones were on, I was not available. Some people are just not situationally aware. They don’t mean to come off selfish or short sided. They’re just kind of oblivious. Sometimes, you have to flat out say it out loud in simple bold print. In my case, “If my headphones are on, do not interrupt me. I’m working too.” Whereas, I’m sure you were very tuned into his needs without him even realizing what you were doing.

Thanks for sharing.

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Technophobe Who Codes | UX Generalist | Freelance Writer | Egalitarian-Feminist | True-Crime/Forensics Enthusiast

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