What to say, what to say. I'm an introvert. I like being invited to go out but will find any reason to stay home. Do not, I repeat, do not "drop by" because you wanna hang out. I am not that friend. Text me first.

Akin to most Gen X ladies, I love to binge true crime and forensic podcasts, documentaries, and books. Taking yet another page from the introvert handbook, I enjoy reading in general, listening to my audiobooks, knitting, writing, messing with my cactuses, and continuing with whatever I'm learning at the time.

I'm a curator of all things online learning. If there is a class for it online, and I am interested in it, I likely have it on my virtual to-take pile, akin to my evergrowing to-read pile. Never seems to be enough time in the day to do all the things *sigh*.

I'm a feminist, meaning I believe in equity and equality; not a man-hater for anyone who wants to brand me as something I'm not. Instead, I would like to see some antiquated notions about gender roles, housework, wages, invisible labor, and body autonomy evolve. I'm done with being made to feel like I'm not tall enough, short enough, thin enough, smart enough, or young enough and expected to look effortless as I do it all while encumbered with all of the unrealistic bullshit double-edged expectations heaped on women in hopes of keeping us frazzled and exhausted. Let's stop with the gaslighting, okay?

I grew up in poverty and abuse. Some may think it odd to mention it here, but abusers rely on silence, and I'm done with being quiet about it. We are not all raised the same. Some of us are born into baggage, chaos, and neglect. We didn't ask for it or deserve it.

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Megan Charles

Technophobe Who Codes | Writer | “Egalitarian”-Feminist (redundant, I know) | True-Crime/Forensics Enthusiast